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Intelligence Made Easy & Fun

More than 100 schools in Singapore have used our programmes. Find out why.


Our Programmes & Track Record

Since 2013 we have been providing schools around the region our proprietary gamified Financial Literacy programmes which have reached more than 100,000 students.


We believe that students learn most when they are motivated &

the lessons are fun. As such, all our programmes

are infused with fun based activities and

encourage kids to progress through the different play elements

The Framework of Our Content


Our Content is built based on developing the key Financial Traits that students would need to have to face Future Financial  challenges.


While Financial Intelligence evolves around three core money skills – Earning, Managing (Budgeting) & Protecting Wealth, the four main traits that we believe help an individual manage money effectively are Financial Knowledge, Money Habitudes, Peer Pressure Defence & Digital Literacy. These are the main focus areas of our content.

MoneyTree is one of only 6 eligible vendors to run financial literacy programmes which qualifies for MoneySense’s  co-funding

Features of Our Programmes


All our programmes contain a structured plan which is comprehensive & fun


To encourage participation , our programmes come with a built-in reward system


All our programmes are designed to help kids learn in an engaging approach

Coupled with our proprietary rewards platform,  students remain engaged and progressively increase their financial intelligence through our  bite-sized gamified lessons 

Some of Our School Clients

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